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Ranko Zivkovic - Dental Prosthetist

Dental Prosthetist Dr Ranko Zivkovic
Adv Dip D.P (Syd), Dip D.T. (Syd), Certified Qualified Dental Technician CDT (Adelaide:).

We are a family run business.

Our sole purpose is to provide the best high quality denture work.


We believe that ” if a job is worth doing , then it’s worth DOING WELL !”

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Our Services

Full upper and/or full lower dentures

Partial dentures
(if some natural teeth are still present)

(to improve fit and comfort)

Adjustments and modifications

Repairs and additions

Diamond inset
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Sports Mouthguards
Clear, Coloured
Spectacular Multicoloured

We accept Pensioner Denture Scheme (PDS) Approval Forms and DVA Gold Card patients


At Diamond Denture Clinic you will be treated directly by our highly qualified, multi award winning dental prosthetist, Dr Ranko Zivkovic, Adv Dip D.P (Syd), Dip D.T. (Syd), Certified Qualified Dental Technician CDT (Adelaide).

As a dental technician Ranko has over 50 years of denture making experience. He has completed study courses in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and overseas in Houston Texas, as well as the Howmedica University (now part of Stryker*) in Chicago, USA.

Dr Ranko is a member of the ADPA (Australian Dental Prosthetists Association) and has served as Vice President of the SA Branch.

Dr Ranko has a strong connection with the Asian community, having many patients from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Thailand and the Philippines. He has been featured several times in the Vietnamese and Chinese newspapers. He is also often featured on the ethic radio programs and is highly respected through the European community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my denture cost?

We need to assess you and confirm what needs to be done before we can give you a quote.

Is there a fee charged for the initial consultation?

Yes, unfortunately Medicare do not pay anything for dental, so we are not able to bulk bill.

There is no consultation fee for PDS / DVA Gold Card patients.

What happens at my initial consultation?
Dr Ranko will spend considerable time with you doing a denture exam and oral exam. You will get a comprehensive rundown of your options. You will get an honest, professional opinion of what we recommend as the best treatment. You will get an estimate of cost and an approximate timeframe for completion.
Where and who will make my dentures?
All work is done on site in the Diamond Denture Clinic lab by Dr Ranko Zivkovic.
How long will it take to complete my dentures?
How long it takes depends on what needs to be done. Ranko does not compromise on quality just to get it done quickly. It must be done well. We will always do our best to meet deadlines.
Do you guarantee your work?
We assure you that the work will be done well. If you need any adjustments after completion, this will be done free of charge. Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis.

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